Eco-Friendly Accommodations at Driftwood Lodge

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The Driftwood Lodge is going green by implementing environmentally friendly changes. Over the past several years we have added several green features to our establishment. In 2010/2011, two new solar water heating systems were installed in the Watchman and West Temple Buildings. All hot water in the Lodge's rooms is heated by the sun.

We've installed the following:

  • Solar powered water heaters
  • Low flush toilets
  • Low energy air conditioners
  • Low energy light bulbs(where permitted)
  • Low water and low impact landscaping
  • Energy efficient guest laundry
  • "Green" laundry detergent
  • We also try to limit our water use by encouraging guests to re-use towels and linens throughout their stay
  • Recycling center
  • LED fixtures and bulbs in lobby and  guest rooms

Thanks to the cooperation and support of our guests, we were able to recycle thousands of bottles and cans during the year. We are pleased with these results and will continue to look for opportunities to minimize our impact on the environment.