10 Things to Always Bring While Hiking in Zion

In every outdoor activity, there are rules involved that must not be taken for granted. And hiking is no exception. Engaging in hiking is difficult especially if you will be doing this for the first time. And in order to be successful in hiking, you must not forget to bring these ten essential things. Failing to bring one of these may be a hindrance your success so be sure to bring all of them.

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Get Lodging in Zion When You're Coming to Hike

Take note of these ten important things to take with you when you're hiking:

1. Water - This is the most important thing of all. In carrying water, make sure that you place them in a secure bottle with a tight lid, preferably those with screw-on lids. Water is important because not all the places that you will go to will have an available clean water source for you, so be you have access. It would also be helpful if you brought iodine tablets and water purification filters with you in the event that the water you brought runs out. Stay hydrated.

2. Map - Even though some hiking sites are already provided with guides along the area, still, it would be good to bring a map with you in case you get lost.

3. Compass - Never underestimate the power of a compass in guiding you in case you get lost. As long as you keep a compass handy with you, together with your basic knowledge on navigation, there's a great chance that you will always find your way back.

4. First aid Kit - Bringing a first aid kit does not mean that there will always be an impeding danger in hiking. It's just in case something bad happen to you like wounds, sprains, or other injury, you can readily treat such injury. Also, knowing that you have a first aid kit with you might even give you confidence because you know that if ever something bad that will happen, you can assure that there will always be remedy.

5. Knife - A knife is probably the most functional tool you can ever bring during hiking. There are many things that you can do with a knife during hiking like opening canned foods, or cutting woods or plants, or even hunting.

6. Lighting tool - If ever you will be spending nighttime in your hike, make sure to be provided with a lighting equipment such as flashlights, lamps. Also, make sure that these equipment have enough battery or fuel to last for the whole night.

7. Fire producing tools - As the altitude gets higher, it will be colder at the top of a mountain so make sure to bring equipment that will provide you fire, or to be more specific, heat. This may be matches or lighters.

8. Extra food - Never forget to bring extra food. It would be better to bring a heavier bag with food inside rather than a light one without any food. Also, keep in mind that you tend to eat more if you are hungry so never allow yourself to get hungry. You will realize after every hike, how grateful you are that you have brought enough foods with you.

9. Extra clothes - Even during summertime, it is still advisable to bring extra clothes with you most especially if you will be spending the night in the mountain. Also, additional layers of clothing may help to keep you warm.

10. Sun protecting materials - To protect you from the intense heat and rays of the sun, you can wear caps, hats, shades. In addition, you may also apply sunscreen on your body if you want.

Even though these are the only things mentioned, this list is not exclusive and you can bring other more things in your convenience. Once you have packed all these essential materials, you are already good to go. Have fun hiking!