10 Tips to Ensure a Memorable Hiking Adventure

Are you planning to go for a hike this weekend? Then plan it perfectly and make it a safe and pleasant event. The best way to make your hiking experience memorable is by taking care of ten essential things during your trip. If you are going for the first time, then it is even more important to pack your backpack with these important things to make a successful and enjoyable hiking expedition in a place like Zion Canyon.

Of course, you must pack your backpack based on the season, weather conditions, length of the trip, and terrain. But in general the 10 essential things written below work for any season, they cover all the basic needs that are required for a pleasant hiking trip.

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Zion National Park Hiking Tips

1. Don’t skip a good breakfast and don’t get dehydrated: It is very important to eat your breakfast before going for a hike. It keeps you energetic and helps you hunger free for longer hours. Moreover, you don’t want your stomach growling while hiking.
The other most important thing is, don’t get dehydrated, and drink plenty of water when you are hiking. Carry lots of water with you and place them conveniently so that you can reach your water bottle easily while hiking. Make sure that you are hydrated enough throughout the trip to avoid dehydration problems.

2. Carry a Map and Compass: Hikers must carry a map. It helps them to check the safe points to hike. The map contains the hiking sites and guides that will get you in the right direction. Get a map once you choose the hiking spot for your safe trip.

A compass is the best friend of the adventurer, in case you are lost, it can help you find your directions to reach a safe zone. It navigates you to the right direction and helps you find your way back. Most of the time when hiking in Zion National Park you’re going to be on well marked trails, but if you’re going into the backcountry this isn’t the case.

3. Get a climate report: The weather conditions always change in the mountains. When you plan a hiking trip, make sure that you packed the clothes that keep you warm and dry during harsh weather conditions. Even on hot days, suddenly the weather changes. So be prepared for extremes.

4. Bring a First aid kit: Pack a first aid kit in your back pack, it comes in handy when you cut your toe while climbing a rock, or got a sprain, or any kind of small injury that occurs during your journey. You can treat the injury immediately to avoid bigger problem, once you are back you from the trip, you can go to the doctor if any treatments required.

5. Get torchlight: Get torchlight or any other light source including headlamps, flashlights, etc. Even though you didn’t plan for a night stay, you can still carry torchlight for safer side, in case you lost your trail or something, it can be handy when required.

6. Bring a Knife: A knife is another essential tool to carry when you go for a hike. It is one of the most useful items, which can help you in various ways like cutting plants, or wood, you can open canned foods, you can even use it for hunting. So, don’t forget to pack a knife in your backpack.

7. Bring Fire generating tools: It’s a good idea to carry a fire generating tools along with you when you are hiking, as the higher you go the colder it gets. The fire producing tools can help you keep warm, these tools includes lighters or matchboxes.

8. Pack Extra food: Don’t forget to pack extra food. It’s ok to pack a bigger bag with extra food rather starving yourself in the woods. Pack foods that keep you hunger free for longer hours and make you feel full and at the same time are light to carry on your hiking trip.

9. Pack Extra clothes: Yes, it is also essential thing for your hiking trip. Even in summer time, make sure that you pack extra clothes for your hiking trip. Having an extra pair of cloths doesn’t really take lot of space, so don’t forget to pack extra cloths.

10. Bring sunscreen lotions, and others: Don’t forget to bring sunscreen lotion and other protecting materials including caps, shades, hats, etc.

If you are planning for a pleasurable hiking trip, then don’t forget to pack all the above mentioned items in your backpack. These items can keep you safe and makes your trip enjoyable and memorable.