5 Tests to Know if Water is Safe to Drink

When coming to Zion National Park to stay and experience this amazing place, you’re going to want to go hiking. To see for yourself the views atop Angels Landing and the Overlook. You also may be a little more ambitious and want to do some hiking in the backcountry of Zion. If this is you then here are some tips on how to find water if you need it.

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Hiking in Zion Water Tips

One of the worst things that can happen to you while camping or hiking is to run out of water. If ever you find a river or a stream in the forest or in the canyons of Zion, and you think of drinking from it, here are some of the things that you must first know before considering drinking from them:

Test 1 - Look for the surroundings
Look around you, if you think that the place is very remote then that’s a good sign, well, in terms of the potability of the water. If there are no people or animals nearby the body of water then you can be more confident that the water is clean and free from pollution. This means that no person or animal nearby have probably polluted the water by taking a bath on it or by dumping their trash or waste.

Test 2 - Determine the temperature of the water
The colder the water, the better. There are more virus and bacteria in warm waters than cold waters. Also, cold waters directly flow from the mountains and are usually potable.

Test 3 - Check the flow of the water
The faster the flow of the water the cleaner it is. Dirt and bacteria often live in stagnant waters or those with a slower flow.

Test 4 - Look at how clear the water is
The clearer the water the better. Cloudy water is usually because of virus and bacteria. The only unclear water that you can probably drink is the rushing water from the mountain. They can be drank even if they are not clear because the reason why it is not clear is only because of the sediments it contain.

Test 5 -Taste the water
Drinking water should have a PH level of 6- 8 and in this level the water should be tasteless. If the water is a bit sour, it is maybe because of the nitrites that is in the water. This means that the water is a little bit acidic.

Tip: Filter water if available
Although the water may have passed the 5 tests, you may still want to filter the water. Some people have sensitive stomachs and are prone to diseases if the water that they will drink will be a little but unclean.