Angels Landing Overlook

Found this beautiful image of Angels Landing in Zion that I couldn't resist sharing. There's a reason why Angels Landing is one of the most popular hikes in all of Zion, it's hard to beat that view anywhere.

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Photo Credit: Jerome Bon

The reason that so many people choose to hike Angels Landing is for not only it's view but it's challenge as well. The hike actually demands something from you to beat it. The elevation change is quite dramatic and as you begin the ascent you'll keep looking back down the switch backs at where you've come, and then longingly look up towards the summit wishing you were there.

It's the fact that not everyone can make it that makes it desirable. Not everyone can reach that summit, that overlook, and drink in the beauty of it all. It's truly an amazing experience to be there and to overcome it. So if you're coming to Zion and looking for one of the best hikes around, then make certain you hike Angels Landing, even if it's not at sunrise.