Zion Canyon Hiking Rules and Trail Etiquette

Some basic Hiking Rules and Hiking Trail Etiquette are necessary to make your Zion National Park hiking experience an unforgettable one. The main thing that hikers should remember is that they should not damage or ruin the natural environment or spoil the experience of other hikers in the park. On day hikes, you may meet many other hikers or horse riders or bikers on the trial, it gives you a chance to meet new friends or sometimes you can deepen your bond with fellow hikers. So it is advisable to be a good hiker and be an example by following hiking guidelines.

Before you go on hiking trip, make sure that your mental, physical and technical abilities are in proper conditions. So that you can plan your trip accordingly, this way you can avoid problems that may cause injuries to other or personal injuries.

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There is a saying “you will never win a fight with an automobile”. This rule applies to all situations where you discover that you must move aside. Basically on trails, the hikers are considered as the slowest and smallest entity, so it is more obvious that you should yield to others who come on bikes or horses.

Generally the signs on the commonly sharing trail indicate the rules as:

  • Bikers yield to horses and hikers
  • Hikers yield to bikers and horses

The idea is that the bikers go fast so that they should stop for hikers and horses and give them the right of way. And horse riders have the right of way as the horses are unpredictable. And when it comes to hiker, hikers are slow and it is obvious to let the bikers and horses pass them quickly so that they can have a peaceful hiking.

Here are a bunch of tips to make it easier to share the trail with others. Please remember these and try to follow them and pass them on to new hikers:

Follow the below steps to make your hiking trip pleasurable. Share the trail with bikers, horse riders and other hikers, give them the way if they are going fast.

  • Do not try to take shortcuts or cut switchbacks, stay on the trail.
  • Be on the wider paths on the right side.
  • Let the bikers and horse riders pass on the left.

When you are trying to overtake, let the others know that you will pass on their left. If someone else is trying to overtake you then you stay right, and let them pass on the left.

When you stop for a photo op, or need to take some rest or to yield and let the fellow hiker pass, then depart from the trial so you can give way to others. But watch out the surrounding, you don’t want to stop on beautiful flowers and fields, keep the environment clean.

When you are going downhill and if you see hikers coming uphill, then you should give the way to uphill hikers as they are trying hard to climb. Some time the uphill hiker’s stops and give you the way so that they can take a small break. Let the uphill hikers make the call.

Be nice and polite, when you see other people passing you, greet them.

When you are with a group, give the way to single hikers or pair hikers. But mostly the single hikers stop because it’s hard for a group to get-off the trail.

When you are hiking in a group, go in a single file or don’t go above half of a wide-trail. Make the group members understand how to react with other hikers, horse riders and bikers. Talk quietly, your voice may echo, so to avoid that talk softly and enjoy the noise pollution less hiking.

The important things to carry when you are going for hiking is the compass and the map, other than that you don’t need any markers, or little rocks and don’t try to scar the trail way. You should know how to keep the trail neat and environmental friendly. Don’t spoil it with marks and other scars which may create more confusion for others.

Final tip is read guidelines before starting to trail. Follow all rules when you are on the trail. Don’t litter the trail while hiking, if you see any litter, try to pick it, keep the trail clean. Also don’t pluck any beautiful flowers, if you want you can capture it in your camera so that you can enjoy the beauty after you go home. Be nice with fellow hikers and others. Make your trip worthwhile so that you can plan for another in the near future.

Photo Credit: Bas Vermolen