Video Tour of Zion and Bryce Canyon

We found this video of Zion and Bryce Canyon and just had to share it. It's a great video tour of Zion National Park that illustrates from many different places and parts of Zion, what exactly you'll see when visiting this wonderful national park. The rivers and waterfalls that wind through this wonderful canyon offer much in the way of incredible scenery. Combine that with views from the look-offs such as Angels Landing and you'll see why so many people adore Zion National Park.

Canyons in Zion

As you watch this video, and if you have never been here you'll be amazed at the stunning beauty of the canyon walls in Zion. The vast towering monuments to the battle between rock, wind and water, and as you can see water always wins.

As an added bonus this video also takes you at the end over to Bryce Canyon National Park, which is just down the road from Driftwood Lodge in Zion. Bryce as well is unparalleled grandeur and beauty. Truly we live in a wonderful place.