Walking Along the Virgin River

There's just something magical about walking along the Virgin River. When you look down at its humble rapids, then take a step back and look up at the marvelous canyon walls that surround it, you just have to sit back in wonder at the incredible power that this little river possesses. That this river has over time carved its way through those canyon walls and made we now call Zion.

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Ways to Experience the Virgin River

There are two main places to walk along and experience the Virgin River. The first is the Pa Rus Trail that goes right through the main campgrounds. That's where this image was taken, just off of the side of the paved path.  The walk along the river here is fantastic and one that is especially beautiful as the suns going down and the days coming to a close.

You'll encounter several bridges that cross the Virgin that really give you some great views of the river below you. They also beckon you to jump in if you're here during those hot summer months. So if you're looking to take a dip along your walk then you're in luck, as there is always a swimming hole or two you can partake in.

The next section that allows you to really experience the Virgin River is the River Walk that leads up to the Narrows from the Temple of Sinawa. You have to ride the bus system all the way up to the top and that's where the River Walk trail is.

This trail gives you a real intimate experience as you'll see the beginnings of the Narrows without having to wade through the water upstream. It's one of the easier, and yet more rewarding hikes in Zion. Anyone can do it, so if you're looking for a nice little hike that is available for all shapes and sizes, then this one is it.

And that's it, that's the best way to experience the Virgin River. It's such a beautiful and powerful river that it really shouldn't be missed.